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We are a group of people who love disc golf and are locals of Kenneth Hahn Disc Golf Course. We have weekly events that are posted to Udisc. We are planning monthly clinics, seasonal tournaments and larger monthly meetups on the weekend. Disc golf has historic roots in our community with Ladera Park just a few blocks south being one of Steady Ed's original Pole Target locations. We are hoping to bring it back and make it better for the next generation of disc golfers.

The Course

Hole 1: 380ft. This is where it all starts. A tough uneven green makes parking this hole difficult. Being above the basket presents challenges of sailing on your second shot. The safe shot it a straight shot with a little hyzer. Advatage to lefties and forehand dominant righties

Hole 2: 393ft. This hole is closer then it looks. Putters and midranges are never a bad idea. Watch for how the winds shift and notice the flight of the Hawks to get a sense of your line.

Hole 3: 280ft. Another challenging green. Whichever line you take you have to get your shot below the tree canopy. There is a small opening behind the tree but the main route is to aim at the tree on the right with some slight fade to the left.

Hole 4: 451ft. Enjoy the view at one of the higest points in the area. Several lines can work here but you'll have to give it a big throw if you want to make it onto the green. The guardian trees are very grippy and hard to get your discs out of if you get them stuck high.

Hole 5: 345ft. For some reason the pole in the field seems to draw the disc. Other then the early issues this is a fairly simple right ro left shot but the hill makes it hard to get close to the basket. Being under the tree to the left is especially tough

Hole 6: 398ft. Watch out not to go so far right that you end up in the bushes, there is some poison oak if you rummage too much in those bushes. The green has some low ceiling that is a little more open to the left side then the right side but the right side is easier to get distance to the basket.

Hole 7: 267ft. The straight shot is always a beatiful play with a putter or midrange. The big right hyzer shot is a safe play as long as you avoid the wires. Going left to right is a interesting play as well.

Hole 8: 293ft. This is the most scenic and serene hole on the course. The oak grove frames a beautiful left to right shot with a large guardian tree that makes the right to left play very hard to execute. Players with big arms should consider the skyzer shot over all the trees.

Hole 9: 520ft. The final hole. After all your hard work you get rewarded with what is your longest drive and can you do it twice? If you don't get the birdie don't worry, just play another round!

Weekly Events

Check our UDisc league for this weeks events here. Stay safe and have fun.

Email Matt for more info or to get on the club mailing list.

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Thursday Singles

Check-in hole 1 with Kenny starting 4:30pm start at 5pm.

Sunday Casual

Nothing on the line, just some friends throwing discs around 10am.

Hole 1

This is where it all starts, located in the south east corner near the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. memorial Tree Grove

Monthly Meetup

We are looking for the best times to meet

Learn More about Disc Golf

If you are interested in learning more about Disc Golf check out the PDGA

Lost and Found

If you lost a disc at the course there are a couple places it might be. The visitor center has a lost and found where things are often turned in. You can also post your lost disc on the facebook page and someone might have found it. If your name and number is on it and it is found by the club we will contact you and you will have 30 days to retrieve it. If you need help getting your disc out of a tree or want to check what discs the club currently has text Matt at 612-889-3535

Club Minis!

2022 Club Membership Bag Tags

Membership Benefits

Guaranteed spots in our upcoming clinics, early registration for our upcoming tournaments, ability to run for club positions and a vote in club matters. If you're interested in joining then email Matt to arrange a time to pick up your tag or Matt will have tags available at the weekly.